Diversified Applications, Inc


Diversified Applications, Inc. (DAI) is a subsidiary of Helena that owns aerial application businesses throughout the United States. As production practices evolve, we recognized that there are a certain portion of acres that need reliable aerial application services.

To meet our customer’s application needs, we are expanding our reach in the agricultural aviation industry. Our goal is to offer quality aerial application services from strategic locations across the country using our growing fleet of helicopters and fixed wing aircraft.

A critical part for the future of this growing business is the necessity to hire pilots who are committed to completing safe and quality applications. We seek out pilots who are highly professional and deliver the best quality application possible. We do this by making informed decisions with respect to sensitive crops and surrounding areas of the application sites treated.

Some of the qualities we look for in our pilots are experience, winning attitude, willingness to be a team player and people that enjoy working with others. We also want to ensure that the future of Ag aviation is strong. We do this by seeking out pilots who are new to the business and are open to being mentored by more experienced pilots for sustainability. We need pilots who are coachable and understand the process of becoming a great applicator.

What sets us apart from other aerial application services, regardless of size, is the way we take care of our employees. We offer consistent pay and benefits and the potential for our pilots to be incentivized for acre pay, which is the industry standard. We ensure our pilots are flying the best and safest equipment possible and are consistently upgrading our fleet of aircraft to maintain the highest standards. Our team works together and communicates effectively to ensure we are efficient and providing the highest quality aerial applications to our customers all across the country.