The ultimate measure of our success is the success of our customers. Helena markets and sells innovative products and services to improve productivity and deliver greater customer returns.


Helena's salesforce operates under four regional business units to provide support and distribution logistics to Helena locations across the country. Helena ranks near the top nationally in volume and sales in chemicals, fertilizer, custom application, seed and precision agriculture.

At Helena, our sales team serves on the front line between our business and our customers and is key to our success. Our salesforce is tasked with building personal relationships with our customers to help them identify agronomic solutions and offer high-quality products to help them enhance performance, increase productivity and maximize their return on investment. We seek out new business to help us grow and expand into new markets to ensure Helena continues to remain a leader as one of the nation's foremost agronomy solutions providers.

Our retail and wholesale sales teams operate in over 400 locations with over 800 representatives nationwide.