Helena’s specialty division was created to help our customers with their unique business needs such as golf courses, lawn care, ornamental growers, industrial vegetative, forestry, aquatic and pest control.

standing in field

Our specialty teams call on customers and serve as consultants to help guide their business decisions by making recommendations for their pesticide and fertilizer needs. We also sell turf seed and high-end controlled release fertilizers for golf and ornamental markets and serve as experts on all of Helena’s proprietary products.

In addition to sales, Helena’s specialty group includes a function called RX360 that specializes in drones, turf sprayers and Veris soil and field mapping technology.

Another important area of our specialty group is the integrated vegetation management (IVM) application arm that helps reduce the need for pesticides and promotes healthy ecosystems. These practices provide measurable results such as great natural species diversity along right-of-ways and better control of invasive species.

Currently, our specialty division has almost 100 sales team members located across the United States and 28 stand-alone specialty warehouses.