Strike Zone LC improves the precision of herbicide applications with added tank-mix flexibility. It reduces off-target drift and increases deposition in standard herbicides, as well as new over-the-top formulations. It contains a 100% solvent- and oil-free liquid blend of modified starch and suspension agents that enhances crop safety and improves spray mix compatibility. Strike Zone LC improves drift control and deposition regardless of the nozzle chosen for the application. It reduces spray droplet bounce and evaporation to enhance the absorption of active ingredients on target weeds. It is also resistant to pump shear, which helps manage driftable fines for a lower risk of off-target drift.

Strike Zone LC Highlights:

  • Improves herbicide efficacy
  • Reduces off-target drift & driftable fines
  • Reduces spray droplet bounce & evaporation
  • Increases droplet size & deposition
  • Excellent compatibility with pesticides, including new over-the-top herbicides
  • 100% solvent- and oil-free formulation
  • Resistant to pump shear & compatible with most nozzle types
  • Mixes easily with tank-mix partners

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