Nucleus 0-0-15 is a highly concentrated, water-based solution that helps correct or prevent potassium deficiencies. Plus, the innovative formulation makes it effective at much lower rates than conventional potassium sources, such as KTS, MOP and SOP. Nucleus 0-0-15 provides potassium without the limitations of conventional potassium sources such as soil tie-up, high rates, clogged filters, corroded fittings, etc.


Nucleus 0-0-15 Highlights:

  • Superior form of potash with low application rates
  • Aids in maximizing yields
  • Won't clog irrigation emitters and filters
  • Elevates Potassium levels in plant tissue
  • Highly concentrated, water-based solution for use in agricultural crops, commercial turf, ornamental crops and other plants
  • Designed for fertigation or soil application
  • Non-caustic and non-corrosive liquid

Nucleus 0-0-15 Product Resources: