nucleus, 0-0-17+mg

Research shows potassium with a boost from magnesium can produce a significant yield advantage. Nucleus 0-0-17+Mg is a high-analysis fertilizer blend that provides 17% potassium, 11% sulfur and 1% supplemental magnesium. These three nutrients are involved in a variety of critical plant processes, and without them, yield and quality suffer.

With Konduit Formulation Technology, Nucleus 0-0-17+Mg can provide this nutrition without the limitations of traditional blends. It enhances stability, handling and applicaiton.

Nucleus 0-0-17+Mg Highlights:

  • Superior formulation of potash with low use rates
  • Elevates K levels in plant tissue
  • Provides efficient source of soluble magnesium & sulfur
  • Easy to apply via drip, micro sprinkler & water irrigation
  • Konduit Formulation Technology: 
    • Solubilizes and disperses potassium bound by soil to increase uptake
    • Increases the availability of soil-applied potassium to prevent tie-up
    • Improves compatibility with other nutritional & pesticide products

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