Nucleus Ortho-Phos NPK S offers a complete source of NPK plus the vital sulfur crops need for efficient uptake and utilization of nutrients. Nucleus Ortho-Phos NPK S enhances crop growth and stand uniformity with a low salt, neutral pH formulation that provides NPK and sulfur at low rates. It also Nutris Formulation Technology to improve efficiency and compatibility with tank mix partners. It is designed for in-furrow and 2x2 applications, and it is more stable in cold temperature applications than other starter fertilizers.


Nucleus Ortho-Phos NPK S Highlights:

  • Low salt, 6-20-3-2S starter fertilizer
  • 100% orthophosphate, neutral pH formulation
  • Immediately available sulfur source for root uptake
  • More stable in cold temperature applications
  • Effective at low rates
  • Tank mix friendly
  • Minimal effect on application equipment
  • Contains Nutris Formulation Technology:
    • Increases nutrient availability that can result in improved plant vigor
    • Enhances development of roots to improve plant quality
    • Drives faster, more uniform emergence
    • Maximizes fertilizer application

Nucleus Ortho-Phos NPK S Product Resources: