ele-max, bmz

Ele-Max BMZ is a high-quality micronutrient blend that is ideal for fertilizer impregnation. It helps prevent and correct soil deficiencies with 3.9% boron, 6.5% manganese and 13% zinc.

With Ele-Max BMZ, it's much easier to meet micronutrient needs compared to single-nutrient products. Its application via impreg ensures better distribution in the fertilizer blend and across the field, increasing availability to each plant. It also comes with the quality assurance of an Ele-Max nutritional made from high-purity raw ingredients.

Ele-Max BMZ Highlights:

  • Fertilizer impregnation nutritional
  • Liquid formulation of 1-0-0 NPK with boron, manganese & zinc
  • Three-in-one product meets multiple nutrient needs with convenience
  • Saves space in fertilizer blending operations
  • Excellent stability, shelf life & usability
  • Allows for additional impreg opprotunitites on the granule
  • Key micronutrients increase yield potential

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