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Fullscale is a breakthrough foliar nutritional that helps row crops reach their full yield potential. It equips soybeans, corn and wheat with a combination of beneficial plant extracts and micronutrients at critical growth stages. The components in Fullscale help strengthen the crop’s ability to move vital resources throughout the plant and increase productivity. With ENC Formulation Technology, it enhances nutrient uptake when the time is right. Fullscale also fits easily into nutritional programs as a highly compatible partner with mid-season pesticide applications.

Fullscale Highlights:

  • Contains a combination of three, highly-effective plant extracts
  • Ammonia-free blend of 3-0-3 NPK, zinc, manganese & molybdenum
  • Improves movement of nutrients & sugars in the plant
  • Promotes cell division to increase seed quantity & size
  • Helps shift plant energy toward yield production
  • Consistent yield response with strong ROI