KickStand DG + Fe is a greens grade product that flows smoothly with low-dust qualities. It enhances shoot growth and density and increases carbohydrate reserves in turf, which results in better tolerance to wear and weather extremes. KickStand DG + Fe can be applied to turf, ornamentals, trees, vines and garden landscaping for quick, visual greening and additional agronomic benefits.

Kickstand DG + Fe Greens Grade Highlights:

  • Provides a quick, visual green up
  • Enhances shoot and root growth
  • Sized for use on golf greens
  • Improves carbohydrate reserves
  • Increases wear and weather tolerance
  • Easy to handle and apply
  • Contains Asset Formulation Technology:
    • Aids fertilizer in promoting early root development
    • Higher nutrient and moisture uptake
    • Higher yield potential
    • Stronger plant growth that can lead to earlier harvest potential

Kickstand DG + Fe Greens Grade Product Resources: