KickStand MicroMix is a 100% EDTA micronutrient solution containing 3% zinc, 1% manganese, 1% copper and .2% molybdenum. It provides immediate availability of the micronutrients without soil tie-up. The Asset Formulation Technology in KickStand MicroMix helps extend nutrient uptake and solubilize trace elements in the soil to promote a stronger root system.

KickStand MicroMix Highlights:

  • 100% EDTA micronutrients for superior availability
  • Mixes easy with ortho- or poly-phosphate starters
  • Enhances plant root structure
  • Excellent uptake of Zn, Mn, Cu & Mo
  • Contains Asset Formulation Technology:
    • Aids fertilizer in promoting early root development
    • Higher nutrient and moisture uptake
    • Higher yield potential
    • Stronger plant growth that can lead to earlier harvest potential

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