KickStand RTU 4-13-3 is an easy-to-use, clear liquid fertilizer designed to be applied through irrigation systems, in transplant solutions or directly to the soil. It is designed for use in high-value crops, as well as turf and ornamental plants. KickStand RTU 4-13-3 contains Asset Formulation Technology (AFT) and high-quality Ascophyllum nodosum, a recognized kelp source that can have a beneficial effect on critical plant processes. AFT improves the ability of plants to utilize fertilizer for stronger root health and increases the tolerance of turf under stressful growing conditions.

KickStand RTU Highlights:

  • Improves diffusion of product ingredients into the soil from the organic carrier
  • Improves stability of product ingredients that have been diffused into the soil
  • Increases availability of existing soil nutrients
  • Contains Asset Formulation Technology:
    • Aids fertilizer in promoting early root development
    • Higher nutrient and moisture uptake
    • Higher yield potential
    • Stronger plant growth that can lead to earlier harvest potential

KickStand RTU Product Resources: