TraFix Es CAL Eight is a combination of 8 percent calcium, organic acids and tri-carboxylic acids. When applied through irrigation, side-dress or as a soil application, its 100 percent water-soluble formulation provides quick availability of calcium. The organic acids solubilize existing soil calcium and provide a food source for soil microorganisms. The tri-carboxylic acids in TraFix Es CAL Eight promote better root health and can improve root uptake of nutrients and moisture.

TraFix Es CAL Eight Highlights:

  • Liquid formulation is easy to apply through irrigation systems or as side-dress application
  • Provides rapid calcium availability to roots of calcium deficient crops
  • Organic acid component solubilizes soil calcium and is a food source for microorganisms
  • Increases overall plant health
  • More cost effective than lime, gypsum and other less soluble products

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