Hydra-Hume is a fertilizer efficiency tool designed to help you get more from the valuable fertilizer you apply.  It increases fertilizer uptake, and helps retain nitrogen and phosphorus in the soil for greater utilization and less leaching. Hydra-Hume helps prevent nutrient tie-up by improving nutrient availability, while improving soil structure and aggregation to allow for better water movement.

Hydra-Hume Highlights:

  • Increases fertilizer efficiency
  • Improves nutrient uptake
  • Enhances soil structure and biology
  • Improves agronomic conditions for stronger plant and root growth
  • Helps prevent nutrient tie-up
  • Increases nitrogen uptake by crops
  • Helps keep nutrients in the root feeding zone
  • Improves availability of applied nutrients

Hydra-Hume DG (Coated)+

  • Nutrient Use Efficiency & Soil Amendments
  • Hydra-Hume DG Coated improves uptake of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium as well as iron, calcium and manganese. Hydra-Hume DG helps hold fertilizer in the root zone, making it more available to crops.  It also improves the soil structure by creating a more stable aggregate that resists erosion and compaction, making oxygen more available to roots with increased water-holding capacity.

    • Improves fertilizer efficiency, nutrient uptake & soil structure
    • Helps retain nitrate nitrogen in soil for less leaching
    • Helps prevent nutrient tie-up
    • Improves crop health and growth
    • Increases soil moisture retention & aeration
    • Improves residue breakdown
    • Compatible for use with urea fertilizer



Hydra-Hume DG Coated In-Furrow+

  • Nutrient Use Efficiency & Soil Amendments
  • Hydra-Hume DG Coated In-Furrow is designed for application through soil insecticide boxes. Because it is applied in a narrow band in the root zone, nutrient uptake and water utilization are both enhanced.

    • Improves stand establishment
    • Improves root system health
    • Conditions soil around root zone for better utilization of moisture and nutrients

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