Teprosyn nutritional seed treatments provide essential nutrients for more vigorous, early crop growth. The Teprosyn line includes different formulations of micronutrients that are made specifically for seed treatments for corn and small grains. They provide concentrated nutrition that can improve crop vigor at emergence. Teprosyn Seed Treatments can also improve tolerance to drought and disease, while contributing to higher yields and quality.

Teprosyn Highlights:

  • Provides enhanced emergence
  • Improves root and shoot growth
  • Enhances crop vigor
  • Excellent early source of essential nutrients
  • Improves early stands
  • Improves disease and stress tolerance
  • Highly concentrated for maximum results
  • Can be applied with fungicides and/or insecticides
  • Treated seed flows smoothly through planters
  • Dries quickly on seed

Teprosyn Cu/P+

  • Teprosyn
    • 9% N
    • 15% P2O5
    • 6% Cu

Teprosyn Zn+

  • Teprosyn
    • 1% N
    • 36% Zn

Teprosyn Zn/P+

  • Teprosyn
    • 9% N
    • 15% P2O5
    • 18% Zn

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