Dyne-A-Pak is a unique adjuvant that provides deposition enhancement, while providing an alternative to traditional methylated seed oil and crop oil concentrate adjuvants. It can provide equivalent or superior efficacy enhancement with improved crop safety. Dyne-A-Pak enhances absorption of water-soluble herbicides and is compatible with most pesticides and liquid fertilizers.

Dyne-A-Pak Highlights:

  • Easy to use and works with all spray nozzles
  • Low-foam formulation
  • Constant application rate per acre
  • Compatible with most pesticides and liquid fertilizers
  • Increases canopy deposition
  • Improves efficacy and uptake of herbicides
  • Replaces nitrogen, oil concentrates and nonionic surfactants
  • Improves ai performance in hot/dry conditions with enhanced absorption
  • Reduces evaporation and spray droplet bounce
  • Improves coverage of low-volume applications

Dyne-A-Pak Product Resources: