Avaris 2XS provides highly effective contact and systemic disease control to keep you crops healthier.  It is an optimized ratio of azoxystrobin and propiconazole co-formulated with a proven Fungicide Activation System that supplements the need for spray adjuvants.  The Fungicide Activation System is designed to improve spray coverage and increase uptake of the active ingredient without increasing run-off.  It also increases spray adhesion to the plant and reduces evaporation.  Avaris 2XS is the only fungicide co-formulated with this patented Fungicide Activation System.

Avaris 2XS Highlights:

  • Provides preventative and curative disease control
  • Provides contact and systemic activity
  • Fungicide Activation System enhances spray application performance
  • High margin of crop safety
  • Free of APE and organosilicone surfactants

Avaris 2XS Product Resources: