ProPhyt is a systemic fungicide and bactericide that can prevent and control many plant diseases with two modes of action: 1) direct activity on the fungal pathogen and 2) by activating the plant's natural resistance mechanism. The potassium phosphite in ProPhyt plays a key disease management role in many cropping systems.

ProPhyt Highlights:

  • Truly systemic translocative properties allow movement within xylem & phloem of plant
  • Zero day pre-harvest intervals allow for maximum plant protection
  • Registered for use on multiple crops
  • Compatible with Other fungicides for additional disease control
  • Integrates well into an IPM program
  • Easy-to-use liquid with user-friendly rates
  • Lower potential for plant injury compared to dry powder formulations
  • Reduced wash-off potential & quick absorption
  • Near neutral pH & reduces corrosion
  • "Caution" signal word

ProPhyt Product Resources: