herbicide, corn

Empyros herbicides are groundbreaking pre- and early post-emergence corn herbicides with innovative active ingredient combinations. They protect young corn with powerful knockdown and consistent, residual control of broadleaf weeds and grasses.

Empyros contains a patented pre-mix of s-metolachlor and tolpyralate, the newest HPPD inhibitor in the United States. Together, these highly complementary active ingredients broaden your weed control spectrum and combat herbicide resistance with two, distinct herbicide modes of action. Empyros Triad and Empyros Triad Flex are tailored with flexible rates of atrazine, s-metolachlor and tolpyralate to meet atrazine restrictions and offer more versatility across geographies and planting conditions.

Empyros Brands Highlights:

  • Pre- and early post-emergence corn herbicide pre-mixes with innovative active ingredient combinations
  • Provide distinct modes of action to improve weed resistance management
  • Provide powerful knockdown and residual control of broadleaf weeds and grasses to improve early corn establishment
  • Formulated to reduce the potential for crop response, improve handling and enhance tank-mix compatibility
  • Long application windows ranging from 14 days pre-plant through 20 inch corn or 12 inch corn when including atrazine