Latigo is a pre-mix of dicamba and 2,4-D formulated to provide broad spectrum control of annual, biennial and perennial broadleaf weeds in various crops. In addition to maximizing broadleaf weed control, it has minimal volatility and far less odor than standard dicamba/2,4-D combinations. It features Moveo Formulation Technology to enhance coverage and improve compatibility with tank mix partners.

Latigo Highlights:

  • Unique premix of dicamba & 2,4-D
  • Excellent control against glyphosate-resistant weeds such as Palmer amaranth & marestail
  • Ester-free formulation
  • No petroleum solvents
  • Mixes easily with other tank-mix products
  • Excellent burndown partner with glyphosate
  • Co-formulation system provides:
    • Enhanced uptake
    • No phenoxy odor
    • Minimal volatility
    • Improved spreading/wetting
    • Reduced spray bounce & evaporation
    • Less wash-off potential
    • Enhanced spray mix compatibility
    • pH reduction & buffering agents to prevent hard water problems


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