On Deck controls tough broadleaf weeds in a variety of environmental conditions with an advanced, concentrated formulation of dicamba and 2, 4-D acids.  Dual-acid technology reduces volatility and produces far less odor than standard auxin-based products, allowing it to be used safely and effectively in sensitive areas. It contains a co-formulated adjuvant system that works as a nonionic surfactant and water conditioning agent. It improves deposition, spreading and plant absorption, while reducing spray droplet bounce, evaporation and wash-off potential. It also features pH reduction and buffering agents to prevent hard water problems. With minimal odor, the co-formulation system in On Deck also eliminates the need for additional odor masking agents.

On Deck Highlights:

  • Enhanced broadleaf weed control due to unique dual-acid technology
  • Minimal volatility & no phenoxy odor
  • Ester-free formulation
  • No petroleum solvents
  • Mixes easily with other tank-mix products
  • Contains a co-formulated adjuvant system

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