Opti-DGA is a combination of dicamba DGA and a patented adjuvant system designed to protect crops from damaging broadleaf weeds, while maximizing herbicide spray mix efficacy. The co-formulated adjuvant system in Opti-DGA reduces application problems commonly associated with standard dicamba products. It delivers more herbicide to the target by improving coverage and reducing evaporation and spray droplet bounce. It enhances uptake and absorption, along with providing quick rainfastness. Opti-DGA also offers superior weed control in different weather conditions, including cool temperatures.

Opti-DGA Highlights:

  • Patented co-formulated adjuvant system provides:
    • Enhanced wetting, spreading & coverage
    • Enhanced uptake & absorption
    • Reduced spray bounce & evaporation
    • Quick rainfastness
    • Low volatility
    • Low odor
    • Enhanced spray mix compatibility
    • Improves performance of tank mix partners

Opti-DGA Product Resources: