Sinister Intent is a flexible pre- and early post-emergence herbicide with an optimized ratio of fomesafen acid and s-metolachlor. It provides contact and residual broadleaf and grassy weed control by bringing together two highly complementary modes of action and Moveo Formulation Technology. Fomesafen is a well-known PPO chemistry proven to control the most problematic broadleaf weeds in a variety of rotational systems. In Sinister Intent, fomesafen is paired with s-metolachlor to broaden the weed control spectrum, lengthen its residual performance, and combat resistance. By eliminating weeds with purpose, Sinister Intent helps soybeans establish and thrive for optimum yield potential.

Sinister Intent Highlights:

  • Pre- & early-post emergence soybean herbicide with optimized ratio of active ingredients
  • Provides contact & residual control of broadleaf weeds, grasses & sedges
  • Complementary modes of action improve weed resistance management
  • Pre-mix simplifies soybean weed control
  • Offers crop rotation flexibility
  • Enhances absorption & uptake
  • Improves tank mix compatibility
  • Labeled for post-directed applications incotton

Sinister Intent Product Resources: