Ruckus defends seed and roots from soil insects with season-long protection, allowing healthier, more productive root growth.  It is formulated with bifenthrin to control all spe­cies of corn rootworms, armyworms and cutworms, as well as wireworms, grubs, maggots and other seedling pests that GMO traits cannot. It contains Helena’s patented Asset Formulation Technology to increase the solubility and root absorption of nutritional products, while providing a humectant effect that reduces spray deposit evaporation. It also improves the physical and chemical stability of the spray mix.

Ruckus LFR Highlights:

  • Restricted use insecticide
  • Effective soil insect control
  • Proven, reliable performance
  • Compatible with starter fertilizers
  • Creates ideal early soil environment for high-yield production
  • Helps manage insect resistance
  • Protection for refuge-in-bag hybrids

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