Troubadour offers worm-specific control without disrupting beneficial populations of insect predators, parasites and bees. Troubadour is a molt accelerating compound (MAC).  Worms that ingest Troubadour start to shed their skins (molt), but can’t complete the cycle.  As a result, they can't get free of their old skin and starve to death.  Worms generally stop feeding within 24 hours of eating.  Since Troubadour is not systemic and must be eaten to be effective, thorough coverage is essential.  The co-formulated adjuvant system in Troubadour works as a spreader/sticker for good coverage and wash-off resistance.  It has low-foam qualities and contains a patent-pending deposition aid that minimizes the formation of driftable fines.  It is compatible with other pesticides that may be added to the tank mix.

Troubadour Highlights:

  • Controls Lepidopteran pests with novel mode of action
  • Does not disrupt beneficial insects, bees, parasites or mites
  • Worms stop feeding hours after ingestion
  • Labeled on over 300 crops
  • Contains a co-formulated adjuvant system

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