Diversify is a non-ammonium sulfate water conditioner with the flexibility to improve a variety of applications, including new over-the-top formulations of dicamba. The low-foaming, non-corrosive formulation delivers improved results from a wider variety of herbicides. It includes sequestrants, chelation agents and complexing agents to address and correct hard water problems from iron, magnesium, calcium and other metals. Diversify is a flexible water conditioner that can improve application efficiency while dispersing algae and offering stability in all temperatures.

Diversify Highlights:

  • Flexible, non-AMS water conditioning agent
  • Excellent compatibility with herbicides, including new over-the-top formulations
  • Non-corrosive
  • 100% surfactant- & oil-free formulation
  • Disperses algae
  • Stable in all temperatures

Diversify Product Resources: