TransActive HC is a combination of nonionic surfactants, ammonium salts and a pH buffering system designed to replace crop oil concentrates and methylated seed oils in certain herbicide applications. The buffering system improves solubility of SU herbicides, while the ammonium nitrogen enhances uptake. This results in better crop safety without jeopardizing weed control. While maintaining the proper pH in the spray tank, TransActive HC also provides spreading, increased spray deposition, reduced evaporation and ammonium salts for greater herbicide uptake. It also prevents herbicide tie-up from hard water. The low-foam formulation of TransActive HC is oil-free, which makes it easier to clean out herbicides from equipment.

TransActive Highlights:

  • Improves absorption and enhances performance of SU & IMI herbicides without crop injury
  • Ammonium nitrogen content enhances herbicide uptake
  • Prevents hard water antagonisms
  • Reduces evaporation potential for improved spray deposition and absorption
  • Oil free for easier equipment clean out
  • Maintains spray tank pH of 7 or higher
  • Highly compatible with dry dispersible granule herbicide formulations

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