WipeOut XS is an ammonia-free, sodium hydroxide-based tank cleaner with twice the active ingredient as conventional tank cleaners. It cleans spray tanks and equipment quickly and thoroughly by penetrating and solubilizing residues, while preventing re-adherence during flushing. It is specially engineered to clean application equipment after using multiple mode-of-action tank mixes, especially those targeting resistant weed species, such as dicamba and 2,4-D used in over-the-top applications of modified crops. It elevates pH faster than other tank cleaners to quickly decompose crop protection products. By providing a system clean-out that keeps residue from clinging to the tank, it reduces the risk of contamination that can lead to crop damage.

WipeOut XS Highlights:

  • Cleans residues from spray tanks & equipment
  • Prevents re-adherence during flushing
  • Neutralizes acid
  • Highly concentrated for stronger alkalinity
  • No ammonia odor
  • Low foaming
  • Easy-to-pour liquid concentrate
  • Solvent free

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